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The training ˮApplying for the open competition invitation to the Creative Europe Program for supporting European cooperation projectsˮ was held in Rex on 15 and 16 September 2014


Desk Creative Europe Serbia has organized training for competing in the Creative Europe Program – a subprogram intended for support to the European cooperation projects, held in the Cultural Center Rex in Belgrade, on 15 and 16 September 2014. The workshops Concept and objectives of the Creative Europe Program/Cooperation projects, Application process and required documents display and Budget, were managed by the Fund for European Affairs’ representatives from Novi Sad, and aside from this, the projects supported within the Culture Program 2007-2013 have also been presented (European Center for Culture and ˮThe Cityˮ debate) and the Creative Europe Program (Museum of Yugoslav History).

The two-day workshop was visited by around 150 representatives of domestic institutions and organizations working in fields of culture, while the focus was on presenting and discussing on the projects the institutions and organizations will compete with by 1 October. Aside from giving advice and basic guidelines for improving competition documentation and application contents, there has been a lot of word on the best ways for projects designing. This way the participants could gather important information regarding administrative, but also conceptual issues concerned with competing in the subprogram European Cooperation Projects. We are hoping that the domestic institutions and organizations will have a great success in this competition round.


Creative Europe – budget

Creative Europe – about the program

Creative Europe – application form

The Project idea and concept

About Desk Creative Europe Serbia

Desk Creative Europe Serbia organizes training for competing in the cooperation projects (deadline 1 October)


Dear colleagues,

We are hereby informing you that the Desk Creative Europe Serbia shall organize application training for the open competition invitation of the Creative Europe Program for supporting the European cooperation projects, on 15 and 16 September 2014 in the Cultural Center Rex, Jevrejska 16, Belgrade.

The training is devoted to those institutions/organizations which are preparing documentation for applying on the competition invitation for supporting European cooperation projects

We are kindly inviting all the interested persons to register their participation until 11 September 12 o’clock on email address and to include the name of the institution/organization, as well as the last name of the representative of the institution/organization. The institutions and organizations may register up to three representatives.

On this occasion we would like to announce that Desk Creative Europe Serbia will organize several educational programs and activities in Belgrade and Serbia until the end of the year, which shall be adapted for various levels of the obtained experience of the domestic professionals when applying for the EU programs intended for supporting projects in culture, as well as for those without any experience whatsoever in applying for such competitions.

We are cordially greeting and expecting you in Rex!

Desk Creative Europe Serbia