New call for projects within the Horizon 2020 programme

New call for projects within the Horizon 2020 programme


Horizon 2020 is the core programme of the European Union for financing science and technological development. It is a new, integrated system of financing encompassing all programmes of research and innovation which were financed through the general programme for research and technological development, CIP programme and the programme of the European Institute for Innovation and technology. The key segments of this programme are Excellence in Science, Industrial Leadership and Social Challenges. The aim of the project is finding ways for economic advancement, especially through supporting small and medium enterprises with the potential of becoming leading companies on a global level in the future.

The programme is open to participation of all research groups from universities, research institutes, individual researchers, small and medium enterprises, big companies, but also other governmental, non-governmental and private organizations and institutions. The total budget until 2020 amounts to 80 billion Euros.

More information about the Horizon 2020 programme can be found in the official presentation of the programme:, and also on the official portal of the programme for Serbia: Moreover, the Computer centre of the University of Belgrade established a website with all the relevant information about this programme:

The call for applications can be found at the following web page: ( h2020-reflective-6-2015.html). The simplified rules for delivering project propositions and also for managing projects provide the applicants an easier way to participate in the programme. The practical instructions can be found on the following link: H2020 online manual. ( research/participants/portal/desktop/en/funding/guide.html)