Geopoetika publishing house, Belgrade

Geopoetika publishing house, Belgrade


The Identity Search Project

The Identity Search Project consists of high quality modern European literature books mostly written in lesser used languages. There are six novels and one book of short stories originally written in Norwegian, Bulgarian, Portuguese, Slovenian, Spanish and French. All books are based on the lost or found identities of an individual, a group, a nation or all of humankind. The process of the search itself and the differences in its visibility is the very essence of the project.

Alek Popov – The Palaveevi Sisters; Mojca Kumerdej – Dark Matter; Afonso Kruz – The Kokoschka`s Doll; Dulse Marija Kardoso – The Return; Silvan Prudom – Here, Said Bahi;

Maret Lindstrom – Days in the History of Silence; Rafael Arguljol – The Reason of Evil