Ilija M Kolarac Endowment Belgrade: Take Over

Ilija M Kolarac Endowment Belgrade: Take Over


The project Take Over was launched to assist participating organisations in redefining their programmes and orient them toward younger generations during two-year period of education, exchange and other activities. Thus, each institution will attempt to perceive its existing contents and adopt proposals by newly-formed ‘youth councils’ whose task will be to give recommendations for programmes aimed at their age-mates. In line with the current programme policy the focus will be on renewing classical music audience.

Project proposes an innovative model of supply and demand development based on acknowledging the young audience representatives’ opinion. During the project, representatives of institutions and ‘youth councils’ will be trained and consequently adopt European experience and know how in this field (focusing on the UK and Finnish experiences), improving communication with young audience. Moreover, members of ‘youth councils’ will have a chance to get acquainted with European markets and bring the best tendencies and practices to their country.

Finally, each of the partner institutions will organise multiple-day events based (Kolarac Take Over) on acquired knowhow during the two-year research process. The activities will include: study visits, workshops, research and opinion polls, European seminar, series of ‘youth council’ sessions, mentorship, Take Over events, external appraisals, final seminar and establishing online promotion and knowledge exchange platform.

Promoting inclusive approach in the field of contemporary performing arts in Europe will strongly influence local communities. In addition, this process should spur institutions to observe and redefine existing programmes taking into consideration audience’s recommendations. Individual results will be visible in terms of future leaders’ advance trainings intended to expand their knowledge in line with cutting edge trends of European cultural market.

Objectives: promotion of inclusive approach for the youth who will influence the redefinition of institutions’ programmes using acquired skills and knowledge; implementation of the adopted via recommendations and conclusions; practical organization of Take Over events at the premises of institutions; strengthening artistic and cultural capacities consequently contributing to the adjustment of programme policy; supporting future local leaders in culture. The aforementioned approach yields decision-makers well-acquainted with their community and audience’s needs.