Mikser Belgrade: Balkan Design Network (BDN)

Mikser Belgrade: Balkan Design Network (BDN)


Balkan Design Network (BDN) is an innovative platform stimulating and supporting production and presentation of Balkan design in the region and internationally, aiming to show advantages and contribution of high quality design to social development, to underscore benefits of application of such design in local entrepreneurship and promote design to broader public.

Three main organisers: Croatian Design Society (Croatia), Public Room (Macedonia), Mikser Organisation (Serbia) united their expertise and experience with local and international designers, institutions and design organisations so as to set new joint venture into motion in the field of Balkan design development and its positioning on the European level. The project links three creative organisations and serves as a specific case study for the development of a greater and broader BDN network which will include more countries, companies, creative and cultural workers and public, and as such create design and business data base of Balkan creative scene.

The two-year project consists of the regional competition of young designers, international travelling exhibitions, concomitant educational events, numerous workshops at the residence and practical trainings in cooperation with leading regional producers of design products, as well as networking and promotional activities. Creating data base of designers and product resources, research in the design sector, formulation of regional design strategy will be accountable for the sustainability of the project, promoting Balkan design in all the aspects of the discipline.

Education on additional value of the design directed towards a broader spectre of target groups, ranging from designer community, small and medium enterprises, and civil servants to broader public presents the challenge of the project and special engagement. Via multidisciplinary activities indicating the importance of the design in the culture of the region, also the impact of design on innovativeness and competitiveness in small and medium enterprises, project offers innovative solutions, both for products and services and society and public sector.

Project is dedicated to young designers offering the opportunity for additional education and individual career development, regional companies assisting in better response to the merger of market trends by designing products originally and to broader public ensuring the access to new European trends in the field of modern design.