Ring ring: EUropean Traditions in cultural hERitage and PErformances (EU.T.ER.PE)

Ring ring: EUropean Traditions in cultural hERitage and PErformances (EU.T.ER.PE)


EU.T.ER.PE  is a cultural project of international level which can give opportunities of integration and cohesion, driving economic growth and employment in Serbia, Italy, Greece and Croatia. The main aim is to promote a stronger and long – lasting cooperation among cultural operators, museum’s operators, artists, institutions, musical instruments artisans and private sector, encouraging common activities and events which can present many kind of artistic expression with a special focus on traditional instruments, folk and traditional music. Prerogative of the project is to raise awareness and spread the knowledge over the popular traditions of each partner countries. Through workshops, seminars, training and performing arts and in collaboration with museums, school of music, businesses and artisans manufacturers of musical instruments a path to rediscover the cultural roots of each region can be created.

With EU.T.ER.PE project we want to establish a system of European territories sharing their tradition starting from the music, the traditional instruments and constantly talking to each other to achieve a coordinated international network. The project will cover various aspects related to traditional musical instruments: the manufacturing with the involvement of manufactures, the training and education with the participation of school of music and public schools, the performances with artists coming from whole Europe and the preservation committed to museums. EU.T.ER.PE. goes in the direction of supporting and promoting the creative and cultural sector as a flywheel for the development of the territories.

 Coordinator organization:  Association Adriatico Mediterraneo


Association Ring Ring (Serbia)

Amadeo – art kabinet d.o.o. (Croatia)

Day After ong (Greece)