Sezam book publishing company, Beograd

Sezam book publishing company, Beograd


Many stories of history

With this year project for a grant Many stories of history, Sezam Book would like to continue the new subject category of our publishing program – the European contemporary literature – that we started last year with the project for EACEA – Read in European.

For this year’s project, Sezam Book was inspired by the quote of Pavol Rankov, about the motives to write his book that is included in our project: “I have the feeling that the little stories, the stories of real people, are closer to reality and truth than the big historical events. History is overburdened with ideology, patriotism and things like that, while the stories – the oral history – of ordinary people are closer to reality and truth.”

Not all of the seven books treat precisely the theme of history swirls and how the ordinary people can face them, survive and recuperate, but all of them show us the different possibilities of coping with the reality that sometimes is too cruel and too strange to be understood. And all of them are the messengers of humanity, reminders of the importance of the universal human values. That kind of message we would like to serve to our readers as the bridge for ideas and interpretations between cultures. For the implementation of this project, Sezam book intends to cooperate with foreign cultural centers and city libraries for the book promotions and first book readings, but also with the Faculty of Philology and Philosophy, inviting students and scholars to participate in the lectures and promotional activities. Sezam book also intends to invite György Spiró for the first public reading of his books, and Pavol Rankov as a special guest during the Belgrade Book Fair in October 2015. In order to enhance the accessibility to translated works and our project, we included the e-books in our publishing program for the first time. All of Sezam book`s promotional activities related to the project will be visible on the web site and the You tube channel.