The Creative Europe Forum 2015 at Kolarac

The Creative Europe Forum 2015 at Kolarac


With the aim to inform the wider cultural audience with the main programme of the EU for culture –Creative Europe, and with the aim to convey an important message that it is primarily necessary to have good will and a good idea to successfully obtain EU funding, the Desk Creative Europe Serbia will organize the Creative Europe Forum on 27th and 28th April 2015 in the Kolarac Foundation.

The realisation of the Forum programme is aided by over one hundred representatives of institutions and organizations, but also individuals who work in the cultural field and the programme consists of presentations and discussions about projects that gained support of the programme, speed date meetings with cultural professionals, consultations with experts in Law/Economics/PR/Psychology, presentations about different sources of funding in culture, the work of foreign cultural centres in Serbia, European awards for architecture and literature, exhibitions, a cocktail and a concert.

The event will take place in the Kolarac Foundation since this institution is a participant of the Creative Europe Programme with the project Kolarac – Take over whose main goal is “the conquest of Kolarac” and audience development, so on this occasion Kolarac will open over twenty of its known, but also completely unknown spaces and host completely new and different groups of audience. The participants of the Creative Europe Forum will have an opportunity to be informed, educated, advised, to exchange ideas about new projects, to have fun and meet numerous colleagues and associates in culture.

The programme of the Forum can be downloaded here.

The publication of the Forum can be downloaded here.

We kindly ask you to confirm your participation in the Forum until 24th April by sending an email to