Europe Comics

Europe Comics


Darkwood publishing house, Belgrade

The Europe Comics project consists in the creation of a European digital catalogue comprised of original comics created by authors from across the continent, translated into English.

The primary objective of the project is to grant wider visibility of European works of the Ninth Art by the means of digital technology and a universal language. This enables European publishers to showcase the works of domestic authors not only across national but European borders too, thus reaching markets not very familiar with the works of European authors, such as the USA and the Far East,  contributing to the expansion of readership audience, as well as acquiring greater licensing and adaptation opportunities.

The role of Darkwood, as a partner in the project, is to make a selection, supply the original content created by domestic authors and translate them into English, while the responsibilities of technical preparation of e-comics, marketing and distribution are delegated to the project leader, France-based Mediatoon.