Continuing cooperation with the Desk Creative Europe Romania

Continuing cooperation with the Desk Creative Europe Romania


Since audience development is one of the key topics of the creative Europe programme, the Desk creative Europe Romania organized an event entitled Focus on Audience Development: Theory and Practice Perspectives at European Level, on 20th and 21st November 2015 in the Impact hub Bucharest

Representatives of the Creative Europe Desks United Kingdom (Christoph Jankowski), Bulgaria (Vesela Kontakova) and Serbia (Dimitrije Tadić), but also Romanian experts from the field of cultural policy and cultural professionals, among them Marian Popescu, expert in the field of performing arts, Raluca Bem Neamu, museologist and cultural manager and Raluca Iacob from the organization CubicMetre – Resources for Culture Association  spoke at the discussion about successful initiatives and projects and different experiences and perspectives of audience development on the European level.

“We wish to hear in which way do organizations attract, increase, diversify and include the audience in their long-term activities. Also, we wish to promote and develop an awareness of the audience development concept, specifically in its most complex and different meanings, but also the best innovative practices, so we could encourage the most successful participation of domestic operators and future applicants in the Creative Europe programme” –it was emphasized in the invitation letter of the event.

Apart from deepening the cooperation with the Desk creative Europe Romania, this event represented an important opportunity to present and promote the publication “Audience development in Serbia” for the Desk Creative Europe Serbia, which shows around fifty projects of audience development in Serbia, but also a series of texts of domestic authors on the given topic.