Conference of the Desk Creative Europe Serbia “Culture, concepts and managing changes“

Conference of the Desk Creative Europe Serbia “Culture, concepts and managing changes“


The conference of the Desk Creative Europe Serbia “Culture, concepts and managing changes“ will be held from 14th to 16th December in the Yugoslavian cinematheque in Belgrade with the idea to ask the domestic and European experts and actors in the cultural field the following questions: is artistic creativity today in crisis, are business and culture in love or at war, are new concepts in culture in crisis, the way creative cities are, and why is, in this respect the concept of audience development so important?

At the conference we wish to come to an answer to the question how culture can be developed in the modern society and the modern economic conditions; what we from culture can learn from the business sector and which messages we should convey to the business sector.

The programme of the conference consists of presentations of different models of established partnerships and cooperation between the business sector and cultural organizations: NELT and Gallery 12 HUB, Radix and Gallery Zvono, VIP mobile the Festival of dance, Nova iskra and their partners and others. On the third day examples of business initiatives in culture from the fields of gaming, fashion, the music industry and publishing will be presented.

The two leading European experts in the area cultural economics will hold the introductory speeches: Dominic Sago Divoro (GRANEM, University of Angers), Cultural Clusters versus Creative Cities: an Economic Approach and Pierre Luigi Sacco (ILUM University of Milano), Culture 3.0: beyond the creative industries.

Apart from thus panels will be organized in which domestic cultural professionals will participate: Culture and audience development, Controversies of creative industries, Cultural policy and its reflections on contemporary art, literary translations, international cooperation, audience development and the market.

Also, workshops for fundraising, applying for the Creative Europe programme and audience development of institutions of culture will be organized.

The accompanying programme will consist of promotion of the publication of the Desk Creative Europe Serbia “Audience development in Serbia” in which around fifty projects are presented dealing with cultural animation, followed by an exhibition of work of the artists Jovana Sudimac and Mića Stajčić, but also a performance of Igor Koruga. Moreover, in cooperation with Željko Lončar an exhibition of promotional materials of the Desk Creative Europe Serbia was organized whose authors are students of the College for design in Belgrade.

The programme of the conference can be downloaded here.