Publishing house Laguna: Prometej

Publishing house Laguna: Prometej


Promoting European literature as a part of the edition Prometej assumes a project which will last for two years. In this timeframe Laguna will publish five titles carefully selected to present in the best possible way the concept that was created. The project was designed to show the Promethean spirit of Europe and to depict every aspect of life of an average European man, primarily the political, social and cultural aspect. Laguna will introduce the reading audience to the most prominent literary heirs of European cultural tradition and promote European values though translation of contemporary European writers’ work. It will be emphasized through literature that we all have similar difficulties and problems and that we are all connected with similar human faiths, everyday habits and heritage.

The selected books are similar in genre and they contain a very important message that should be conveyed to readers so it inspires them to contemplate and provoke their interest for European writers and literature. Laguna decided to apply for the grant for literary translation of 2015 within the Creative Europe project with the following titles:

God is my Witness, written by the Greek writer Makis Tsitas, winner of the European Union Prize for literature, Il desiderio di essere come tutti (The wish to be like everyone) by the Italian writer Francesco Piccolo, A máquina de fazer espanhóis (A machine for making Spaniards) whose author is the Portuguese writer Valter Hugo Mãe. The Austrian writer Arno Geiger fitted into the project with his work Es geht uns gut (We are good), as well as the Romanian writer Varujan Vosganian with his work Cartea Şoaptelor (The book of whisperers).

The most prominent and most experienced Serbian translators will be included in this project. Laguna intends to promote the Prometej edition in all media as a very significant project aided by the European Union. Laguna’s marketing plan was thoroughly developed with the aim to present and approximate this innovative literary endeavour in the best possible way to the audience. The advertising campaign of the edition was intricately designed. Apart from the standard marketing activities Laguna organizes for its authors and their works, in the case of the Prometej edition, the works will be presented on several literary festivals and book fairs in the country and abroad and submitted as parts of applications for literary awards for translation in our country since the aim of this project is also promoting translators – their knowledge, experience and devotion.

Laguna intends to continue the Prometej edition and publish a second round with new titles which will continue the idea of improving the dialogue between the European Union and Serbia, to show through literature that we have the same history, common cultural heritage and based on this to form better relations.