The Forum Creative Europe 2016

The Forum Creative Europe 2016


The Forum Creative Europe 2016 will take place on 25th and 26th of April in the Foundation of Ilija M. Kolarac organized by the Desk Creative Europe Serbia and the Ministry of Culture of the Republic of Serbia. According to the ambitions, the Forum will overcome the importance of all previous activities of the Desk Creative Europe Serbia, and it can be said it will answer the need which was not entirely satisfied and which is of essential importance for the development of culture in Serbia.

Namely, experts from eight areas of culture (audiovisual creation, visual arts, performance arts, music, science and theory of culture and art, literature, creative industries, cultural heritage) will gather in one place, both individual ones and the ones active within public, private and civil organizations. At the working desks the experts will conduct strategic analyses and give recommendations for developing international cooperation in particular areas. The results of the work will be presented and publically debated about on the second day of the Forum and they will be published in the Desk’s publication, but most importantly – they will be used in future management of international cultural cooperation in Serbia.

The topic of international cooperation and cultural policy was expanded with the content of other programmes of the Forum (“Stati(sti)cs of cultural policy“, a display of statistical data on international cooperation and the cultural system in Serbia, presentation of international and regional cooperation of The Association NKSS, Cultural policy: perspectives of future professionals – workshop of cultural policy for the young, a video conference with organizations-partners of Kolarac on the project Kolarac Take over)

The other aim is providing information about the Creative Europe programme and domestic iternational programmes and competitions supporting cultural projects. This is the reason the following will be presented:

• Successful projects supported by the Creative Europe programme in 2015 (literary translations: Heliks, Clio, Laguna, Zavet, Dereta; projects of European cooperation: Institute of Musicology of the Serbian Academy of Sciences and Arts, the Institute of Archeology in Belgrade and the Institute for Preservation of Cultural Monuments, Sremska Mitrovica,, Magnetic field B, No Borders Orchestra, Darkwood; European platforms: the Association of Belgrade Architects);

• Sub-programme MEDIA which Serbia recently joined and the sub-programme Culture: priorities, competitions and procedures (budget and administration)

• The European Prize for Cultural heritage and this year’s prize winner from Serbia, village Gostusha, Institute for Preservation of Cultural Monuments Nish

• Programmes Erasmus+, Horizon, Cosme, competitions of the Foundation Jelena Santic, A Guide through potential domestic and foreign sources of funding (Team for social inclusion and alleviating poverty).
Moreover, a series of consultations will be organized (lawyers and economists of the Ministry of Culture and Information of the Republic of Serbia), presentations and a workshop on the topic of fundraising and applying for the programmes encouraging international cooperation, mobility, audience development and creative industries (EU projects).

Cultural experts from Serbia – we expect the Forum 2016 to continue the tradition of dynamic cooperation! The admission to the Creative Europe Forum 2016 will be free of charge.

The program of the Forum is available here.