Claske Vos in Belgrade: Why is EU investing in culture in candidate countries?

Claske Vos in Belgrade: Why is EU investing in culture in candidate countries?


Creative Europe Desk Serbia and the EU Info Centre in Belgrade are organizing a lecture by Claske Vos, a European expert in European cultural policy and cultural heritage, with the topic of European integration and investing in culture on 21st July at 5 p.m. in the premises of the EU Info Centre in Belgrade.

Claske Vos will speak about why and in what way the European Union is investing in culture aiming to ease the process of European integration to countries, such as Serbia, which are in the accession phase. She will speak about what the current agenda of the EU is when it comes to financing cultural initiatives, in what ways these investments are organized and what the effects of these investments are on the functioning of cultural systems of candidate countries in the process of accession to the EU.

Claske Vos is a postdoctoral researcher in the organization ACCESS EUROPE and a lecturer at the European studies of the Faculty of Social Sciences, University of Amsterdam. Her research deals with questions of European cultural policy, relation between the EU and candidate countries, European cultural heritage and creation of European identity.

Creative Europe Programme is the main programme of the EU for financing cultural projects, so domestic cultural participants will be able to get more information about general guidelines of European cultural policy, but also about specific priorities of the Creative Europe Programme.