HearMe. Bringing Youth and Museums Together

HearMe. Bringing Youth and Museums Together


Project Leader: Narodna galerija, SI
Galerija Matice Srpske, RS 
KHM-Museumsverband, AT
Innovación Social Emprendedores Sociales, ES

Union Grant: 191.124,59 € 

Project HearMe. Bringing youth and museums together was created by the Gallery of Matica srpska, the National Gallery of Slovenia, Kunsthistorisches Museum in Wien and organization ISES (Innovación Social Emprendedores Sociales) from Barcelona. The project is designed as youth educational programme which will make a bridge between museums and young people.

The project will give answers on how can museums and galleries reach young audience and make them think about global topics and problems of the society. Artworks which speak about migrations, population movements and movement of cultural heritage will open the central topic of the project  how can key issues of today’s life be perceived through the art of past.

Museum professionals and educators will develop skills for creation and realization of the programme for young people between 15 do 19 and use advanced methodologies in order to provide greater museum experience. The results and outcomes of the project supposed to be: new audience development strategy, specialized workshops for youth, Youth clubs, digital strategy for dissemination through social networks, specially designed web-site for young, skilled educators and what-works manual for museums.