Shared Cities: Creative Momentum

Shared Cities: Creative Momentum


Project Leader: Goethe-Institut, DE
The Association of Belgrade Architects, RS
Aliancia Stara Trznica, SK
Ceska centra, CZ
Fundacja Res Publica im. Henryka Krzeczkowskiego, PL
Instytucja Kultury Katowice – Miasto Ogrodów, PL
Kortárs Építészeti Központ Alapítvány (Hungarian Contemporary Architecture Centre), HU
KunstRepublik, DE
Mindspace Non-profit, HU
Vysoka skola vytvarnych umeni v Bratislave, SK
Union grant: 1.616.423,92 €

Shared Cities: Creative Momentum gathers an international network of cultural actors whose interests intersect in sharing, circulating and exchanging the best practices in self-initiated, participatory and transdisciplinary architecture and urbanism collaborations. We seek inclusive, sustainable and resilient architecture, community-oriented activism, and practice-oriented research that elaborates on the cultural roles of public architecture and public space in Europe.

Having collaborated on previous grant applications, spoken at partner events and participated together at several brainstorming workshops, this consortium has a track record of successful collaboration and ambitious projects. As diverse actors in civil society and culture, this transnational network has joined forces to share expertise, methodologies and ambitions under the CREATIVE EUROPE PROGRAM. We have taken the feedback from our previous call very seriously in developing this application.


Public “yards” in six cities will act as transdisciplinary stages for interaction with local audiences. The Ideas Yards will be permanent spaces open to the public, offering innovative programs centered on the Shared Cities theme. The Yards shall act to catalyze social innovation from the creative sectors while literally opening their doors to public participation. To tackle partner-public interaction, long-term campaigns and programs (i.e. fab labs, discussions, workshops, exhibitions, urban games, walks, film screenings, markets and installations) are to be organized. Ideas Yards offer space for everyday interaction with the process of the SCCM project (office hours for consultation with the teams, shared co-working space for local NGOs etc.).

BINA role in project/ urban hubs: building urban collectives

Belgrade NGOs who deal with urban development will identify public spaces in need of improvement, work with the community, authorities and stakeholders. The goal is to develop participatory processes for the commons and implement an action plan including proper design interventions for the areas. Public workshops will draw on citizens as the commons – a collective effort triggered by a critical mass of citizens wanting to improve public space.

ABA will connect local networks and project partners, organize meetings and workshops, and supervise architectural interventions. The outcomes will be presented at the annual BINA festival in Belgrade. ST, KrP and MS will prepare specialized workshops and urban games, and the Curatorial Lab will extract content for the project outcomes.