How culture can help the development of a community – cooperation between Serbia and the European Union

How culture can help the development of a community – cooperation between Serbia and the European Union


The central library “Ljubomir Nenadović” and the EU project “EUTEKA – EU u vašoj biblioteci” (EUTEKA – EU in your library) on 15th of September in the reading room of the library organized a staged discussion with the title of “How culture can help the development of a community – cooperation between Serbia and the European Union”.

Speakers at the discussion were Dimitrije Tadić, the Head of the Desk Creative Europe Serbia, Violeta Milošević, the Director of the central library “Ljubomir Nenadović” Valjevo, Lola Joksimović from the Team Europe Serbia, Ksenija Stevanović, the Director of the Institute for preservation of cultural monuments Valjevo, Marija Tešanović Valjevo cultural network, Vladimir Krivošijev, the Director of the National Museum Valjevo, Dejan Bogojević, representative of the Valjevo City Council, and representatives of the Tourist organization of Valjevo.

The moderator of the event was Aleksandar Đukić, a representative of the project “EUTEKA – ЕУ u vašoj biblioteci”.

Within the debate, the Head of the Desk presented the possibilities offered by the Creative Europe programme to publishers, artists, cultural institutions, the media and he emphasized the importance the Creative Europe programme is accomplishing through its priorities – support to the cross-department cooperation, through cooperation between the departments of culture, healthcare, economy, education and others, support to the cross-sector cooperation – through support of projects where partners are both from the public and from the civil and private sectors, and also to what extent the Creative Europe programme helps institutions and organizations to transcend the limitations of the established activity practices.

”EUTEKA – EU in your library” is a project of the European Union whose aim is offering specific support to libraries around Serbia which are already informing their users about the functioning of the European Union, its institutions, member countries, policies and the process of European integration within their activities.

The idea is that libraries should become some kind of info centres where citizens can find different information about the European Union and the process of accession of Serbia to the EU.

As a part of this project, “EUTEKA” bookshelves with books and publications about the European Union will be placed in a number of libraries where they will be available to library users. Libraries are hosts of meetings where discussions about the possibilities of cooperation between Serbia and the European Union are held through the prism of different social topics.

Support to libraries also includes educating librarians on how to use EU funds, but also equipping a number of libraries with legal, economic and political expert literature about the European Union.