Instant Mix Theater Lab

Instant Mix Theater Lab


Project leader: Association Compagnie l’Instant Meme, FR
Academy of Arts Novi Sad, RS
Middlesex Univestity Higher Education Corporation, UK
Union Grant: 55,805.92 €

This project takes place at a turning point in our development of innovative bilingual or multilingual forms of theater, where translation (from author’s language to audience’s language) in incorporated in the performance and performed by the actors themselves. It focuses on research on new formats, and audience development through bilingualism and multicultural performance.

Our central objectives are-to devise, test, and modelize various prototypes of multilingual playwriting and performance-to evaluate audience needs and response to those prototypes-to document and evaluate the impact of multilingualism on innovation-to document and evaluate the impact of multilingualism on democratic value-to document and evaluate the impact of multilingualism on audience development.

The project will take place between 25 April 2016, and 20 December 2017, and involve 5 activities, and 5 languages: Arabic, English, French, Italian, and Serbian. Activities will include translation of existing texts, new writing (one-acts by emerging authors) creative writing (based on non-dramatic material and devised by a multilingual group), workshops, rehearsals, and single public performances at the end of each activity. Audience needs and responses will be studied and analyzed for each public performance. All new writings will be published in bilingual, trilingual, or multilingual versions, and all prototypes performed together (fully staged or in the form of staged readings or audio installations) in a Festival of Bilingual Theater in the Paris region at the end of the project.

The beneficiary partners are a theater company in Saint-Cloud, France, and two universities: Novi-Sad Academy of Arts in Serbia, and Middlesex University, London in the U.K. The University of Taza in Morocco is also involved in the project as Third Country. Muricena Teatro in Naples will also be actively involved thanks to its previous collaborations with L’instant même.