Dramaturgical workshop within the project Instant Mix Theatre Lab

Dramaturgical workshop within the project Instant Mix Theatre Lab


At the invitation of the Academy of Arts in Novi Sad, participating in the project Instant Mix Theatre Lab, from 26th to 30th September 2016, representatives of the Creative Europe Desk Serbia visited the dramaturgical workshop which was the start of this project of European cooperation.

Participants of the project are Association L’Instant Même, France (project carrier), University of Middlesex, United Kingdom (partner) and the Academy of Arts of the University in Novi Sad, Serbia (partner). Workshops closed in type and participants belong to the abovementioned institutions. Participants from the Academy of Arts are students of dramaturgy.

The workshop is envisaged as an experimental project with a different approach to the translation of dramatic text to another language, whereas everything that the experience of translation carries becomes a part of the scene spectacle. The project was co-financed by the funds of the European Union within the programme Creative Europe.

The aim of the project is developing multilingualism and interculturality in contemporary society and an experimental approach to translation of dramatic texts to another language, bur also facing linguistic obstacles in experiencing theatre, cultural, territorial and national traits.

Multilingualism becomes possible on the scene, it is a part of the spectacle, translation is done live and in front of the audience, the context of global cultural state is present, societies are being unveiled, impression about diversity is alive, being democratic is not an idea but a sight and content, the state of civil consciousness is displayed in the context of the space wider than one nation or state. Scene spectacle is bilingual, the audience first follows the game in the source language – the idea is for the rhythm, melody and characteristics of every language to reach viewers. Afterwards, the scene is played in the mother tongue of viewers with direct possibility of comparing emotional impressions.

Representatives of the Desk spoke with coordinators of the project about the experience of applying for the Creative Europe programme and future plan of project realisation. Also, they spoke with students, participants of the workshop about the importance participating in this project has for them.