Monthly Archives: October 2016

First winners of the European Young Talent Architecture Award chosen


European award for young talents in architecture joins the prestigious award of the European Union for contemporary architecture (Mies van der Rohe Award) and the special recognition for young architects.

Now when there is the YTAA award, this trio of biannual awards of the Foundation Mies van der Rohe and the Creative Europe programme recognises the best in European architecture in every stage of career development of individuals in architecture. Through recognition of the best graduation project of recent students of architecture, landscape architecture and urban design, YTAA award will become an important stepping stone of progress for young people in architecture.

You can find this year’s finalists and winners here.

First Creative Europe Show Case conference held in Brussels


Almost three years after its implementation, Creative Europe programme brought its first important results. Many important projects are being completed and this is a good time to present what has been done and all the accomplishment of the programme in the field.

Coordinators of projects and people who directly participated in them as participants and the audience, artists and creator, but also decision makers met on 27th October in Brussels within the Creative Europe ShowCase conference to exchange their first experiences in the Creative Europe programme: what they learned, which were the most important experiences and what challenges they encountered, what is the influence of the Creative Europe programme on artistic careers, what are all the ways artists and creators participate in the project and why – these and many other questions were in the focus of the conference programme.

Discussion was held in the context of real results of projects supported by the programme. The programme of the conference was inclined towards illustrating how priorities of cultural policies gain their shape through creativity, transnational partnerships and people in the field.

Many European cultural professionals participated in the programme of the conference, and among presented projects there are four where institutions and organisations from Serbia participated: Heroes we love where the Museum of History of Yugoslavia participated, Departures and arrivals where Stanica – service for contemporary dance participated, European digital art and science network where Centre for promotion of science participated and ViSet where Kulturanova from Novi Sad participated.

You can view the video of the conference here.

Public call for submitting projects for the European Networks competitions


The public call for submitting projects for the European Networks competition is now open. The deadline for submitting projects is Friday 25th November 2016 at 12 p.m.

This call has been open for the second time for the duration of the Creative Europe programme and it is intended for support to the networks developing the following projects:

– Activities through which employees in the cultural sector and creative industries are secured the transfer of special skills and experiences, including the skills related to digital technologies;

– Activities providing encouragement to employees in cultural organisations and creative industries to participate in projects of international cooperation and develop their careers in Europe and outside of it. Apart from this projects of innovative approaches to attracting audience are important, but also projects of new models of business operations and management;

– Activities securing the strengthening of the sector of cultural organisations and creative industries and also networking which has the goal of creating new business opportunities.

The manual for applicants, all necessary conditions and documentation can be viewed here.

Creative Europe Desk Serbia and the Antenna of Creative Europe Desk Serbia are at your disposal for help in applying – contact us when preparing a competition application.

Novi Sad to be the European Capital of Culture in 2021


The members of the Panel of independent experts of European Commission decided at a meeting in Brussels the City of Novi Sad will be the European capital of culture in 2021. Apart from Novi Sad, Herceg Novi, candidate of Montenegro was also shortlisted for this prestigious title awarded to cities from candidate countries of the European Union.

The programme concept of selecting candidates consists of four fields under the joint name “For New Bridges”.

The bridge “Freedom” encompasses creative industries and youth, while the “Hope” bridge is dedicated to cultural capacities and public spaces. The programme “New Bridge” puts emphasis on cultural heritage and hospitality, and the fourth bridge “Rainbow” deals with topics of conflicts and migrations.

The initiative of proclaiming the European Capitals of Culture, started in 1985 by then the Greek Minister of Culture, Melina Mercouri, developed to be one of the most ambitious cultural projects in Europe and became one of the most recognisable activities of the European Union.

The original motivation of the project is more relevant than ever and aimed at establishing a space for Europeans where they can exchange and learn about each other’s cultures, enter into intercultural dialogue and mutually nurture their shared history and values. The initiative is now open to cities in candidate countries for EU membership every third year as of 2021. Novi Sad will be in the spotlight in 2021 along with the city of Timisoara in Romania and a city in Greece that will be selected out of the three shortlisted cities (Elefsina, Kalamata and Rhodes).

Tibor Navracsics, European Commissioner responsible for Education, Culture, Youth and Sport, said: “I am very pleased that in 2021 we will have our first European Capital of Culture in a candidate country. The opening of this prestigious European programme to those countries seeking full membership is a way to bring them closer to and reinforce their cultural links with the Union. I congratulate Novi Sad!

I am sure that Novi Sad will give visitors from all over the world the opportunity to discover the city and its cultural assets, but also to appreciate the diversity of cultures in Europe as well as our shared values.

I am confident that the title will bring Novi Sad significant long-term cultural, as well as economic and social benefits, as we have seen with many previous European Capitals of Culture.”


Results of competition for literary translations 2016 published


Results of the competition for literary translations are now published. Publishing houses from Serbia accomplished great success through their dedication and proactive approach and placed Serbia on the first place by the number of approved project in the competition for literary translations.

Out of 19 submitted projects, 6 received support of the Creative Europe programme, and next on the list by success is Italy with 31 submitted and 4 supported projects and Bulgaria with 26 submitted and 4 supported projects.

Congratulations to the PC Sezam Book for the project “Scenes from Our Hidden Lives”, Propolis Books for the project “Imaginative play to amazing stories to creative childhood”, Kontrast publishing for the project “Three Generations of Writers Who Helped to Shape European Identity”, PC Zavet for the project “Contemporary European Literature: Kaleidoscopic View 2”, Company for graphic and publishing activity Heliks for the project “Confluence: the literary quest for common European experience” and publishing house Treći trg for the project “Greek Literature from Cyprus in Serbian”.

The total funds awarded this year in the competition for literary translations to publishing houses from Serbia amounts to 286,992.50€.