First Creative Europe Show Case conference held in Brussels

First Creative Europe Show Case conference held in Brussels


Almost three years after its implementation, Creative Europe programme brought its first important results. Many important projects are being completed and this is a good time to present what has been done and all the accomplishment of the programme in the field.

Coordinators of projects and people who directly participated in them as participants and the audience, artists and creator, but also decision makers met on 27th October in Brussels within the Creative Europe ShowCase conference to exchange their first experiences in the Creative Europe programme: what they learned, which were the most important experiences and what challenges they encountered, what is the influence of the Creative Europe programme on artistic careers, what are all the ways artists and creators participate in the project and why – these and many other questions were in the focus of the conference programme.

Discussion was held in the context of real results of projects supported by the programme. The programme of the conference was inclined towards illustrating how priorities of cultural policies gain their shape through creativity, transnational partnerships and people in the field.

Many European cultural professionals participated in the programme of the conference, and among presented projects there are four where institutions and organisations from Serbia participated: Heroes we love where the Museum of History of Yugoslavia participated, Departures and arrivals where Stanica – service for contemporary dance participated, European digital art and science network where Centre for promotion of science participated and ViSet where Kulturanova from Novi Sad participated.

You can view the video of the conference here.