Creative Europe Desk Serbia at the Take Over Festival

Creative Europe Desk Serbia at the Take Over Festival


Take Over Festival, dedicated to classical music, took place in Kolarac Foundation from 17th to 20th November, and it represented a symbolic completion of activities realised by the Youth Council of this institution within the same name project in the past two years, recognising and designing programmes contributing exactly to the development of the young audience.

Take Over Festival was dedicated to the promotion of classical music in the way young people perceive and experience it, through old and new programmatic content and activating new spaces of Kolarac.

During the festival Kolarac Foundation also hosted young people from Italy, Greece, Poland and United Kingdom, where partner organisations of the Take Over project, supported within the Creative Europe programme came from.

Representatives of the Creative Europe Desk Serbia held consultative meetings as a part of the second day of the festival programme. Apart from the basic presentation of the Creative Europe programme, this year’s applications for the competition of for projects of European cooperation were also spoken about.