Seminar “Creative Europe Programme – Project Preparation” in Andrevlje

Seminar “Creative Europe Programme – Project Preparation” in Andrevlje


The Antenna of the Creative Europe Desk Serbia organised a seminar for project preparation on 8th and 9th December in the Centre for Commercial Technological Development of Vojvodina – Andrevlje.

The aim of the seminar was the development of project ideas and preparation of project propositions to apply for the Creative Europe programme, raising the programmatic-organisational capacities of institutions and organisations from Serbia, but also contributing to demetropolisation in the field of culture. Apart from this, the seminar was organised with the aim to enhance communication, cooperation and exchange of experiences of representatives from cultural institutions and organisations from cities and municipalities of Serbia.

The programme of the seminar encompassed the presentation of the Creative Europe programme, presentation and analysis of creative strategy, development of a project idea concept with which one can apply for the programme, followed by detailed exploration of topics of financial planning of projects and project management, and also the complete competition procedure and the mandatory accompanying documents when applying to the programme were presented.

The seminar also included the analysis of project proposals of participants, i.e. it offered and opportunity to participants to receive suggestions and specific advice through presentations of their project proposals and active analyses and discussion with lecturers with the aim of developing and improving particular project elements so that the proposed projects would be as successful as possible in answering to the aims and priorities of the Creative Europe programme.

The total of 26 participants from different cultural institutions participated in the seminar. Among them there were representatives of the provincial administration (the Provincial Secretariat for Culture, Public Information and Relations with Religious Communities), museums (the Museum of Vojvodina), galleries (the Matica Srpska Gallery), theatres (Serbian National Theatre), libraries (Library of the City of Pančevo and the Municipal National Library Žabalj), cultural centres (Cultural Centre “Mladost“ Futog and the Cultural-Educational Centre “Vuk Karadžić“ Plandište), but also representatives from organisations of the civil society (Paper Theatre “Kamisibaj“ from Vršac, the International Music Centre Zrenjanin, “Pečat“ Zrenjanin, Music Youtha Zrenjanin, “Danubius“ Novi Sad, Newspapers Association of Rusyns (NAR) Novi Sad, Youth Theatre “Mišolovka“ Novi Sad and Akademska Knjiga Novi Sad).