Find a partner!

Find a partner!


Culture Desk Creative Europe Serbia and the EU Info center are organising the event “Find a partner!” on occasion of the Valentine’s Day, on Tuesday 14th February at 11 a.m. in the EU Info Centre in Belgrade.

Students and alumni of the UNESCO department for cultural policy and management of the University of Art in Belgrade and University Lyon 2 will present cultural scenes of Bosnia and Hercegovina, Bulgaria, Ireland, Romania and other countries of their origin.

The attendees will have an opportunity to gather information and contacts of foreign organisations offering partnerships within the Creative Europe programme.

Apart from this, mechanisms used by the Desk Creative Europe to aid finding partners will be presented: partner search form, platforms for partner search, and databases of registered organisations.

Being in a partnership is a formal condition for applications within the Creative Europe programme and it offers many opportunities for the development of individuals, organisations, their audience, environments they are active in, Europe and European culture.

If your organisation hasn’t fallen in love yet, find it a European partner on 14th February in the EU Info centre!

Application for participating in the event can be sent until 12th February to: