Heliks Publishing House: Confluence: the literary quest for common European experience

Heliks Publishing House: Confluence: the literary quest for common European experience


Grant Awarded: 58,221.32€

The project “Confluence: the literary quest for common European experience” encompasses translation and promotion of nine contemporary European books written in nine languages (Romanian, Czech, Swedish, Polish, Portuguese, English, French, German, and Spanish).

Book package reflects the opulence of the thematic tendencies, linguistic and stylistic diversity of contemporary European fiction. The dominant question is the one of identity, viewed through the prism of intimate or collective history or with fixation on the bleak present or the bright future. Even though universal in their addressing these titles have strong local traits: this is evident in the language or in the authenticity of characters, but also in poetic vibrations and subtle, atmospheric glints of the gloomy cityscape. The feeling of anxiety, recognized by the characters or indirectly suggested, permeates all the works, and a clear or suppressed desire for liberation is the driving force for creative originality in the forms, ranging from the classic narrative structure to stories devoid of punctuation to journal and mosaic narration.

In promoting this project Heliks will cooperate with translators, writers (planned guest visits), relevant institutions such as cultural centres, libraries and the media, while heavily relying on digital and online platforms.

The project encompasses the following novels: Einmal muss ich über weiches Gras gelaufen sein (Carolina Schutti), The Spinning Heart (Donal Ryan), Magik (Magdalena Parys), Índice Médio de Felicidade (David Machado), Le dernier gardien d’Ellis Island (Gaëlle Josse), Brorsan är mätt (Mirja Unge), Viitorul începe luni (Ioana Pârvulescu), Intemperie (Jesús Carrasco) and Peníze od Hitlera (Radka Denemarková).