Kontrast Publishing: Three Generations of Writers Who Helped Shape European Identity

Kontrast Publishing: Three Generations of Writers Who Helped Shape European Identity


Grant Awarded: 59,982.8€

In the project “Three Generations of Writers Who Helped Shape European Identity” Kontrast Publishing will acquire rights, translate and disseminate seven novels written in seven languages by three generations of writers who helped in the process of establishing the modern European identity. We will present novels written in the last four decades, from ’80’s (Golding, Cărtărescu) to the latest literary achievements Beňová, Dukaj, Stridsberg, Péterfy, Mifsud). We want to compare their poetics, national and individual peculiarities and the spirit of their age, but also to emphasize their unquestionable social influence, both on European literature and society.

We want to show, not only that art and literature played an active role in shaping the contemporary European identity, but also to prove that this influence might have been crucial. Every single book from this project will be translated into Serbian for the first time and every single writer is the winner of some of the most prestigious world’s literary awards. Nobel Prize winner William Golding, representative of the 1st generation of writers (born before WWII) was awarded with the Man Booker Prize for ‘Rights of Passage’.

Mircea Cărtărescu, Péterfy Gergely and Immanuel Mifsud belong to the second, mid generation, born between 1956 and 1967. Cărtărescu is probably the most important contemporary Romanian writer, winner of numerous domestic and international awards, and for ‘Nostalgia’ he was awarded with the Premiul Academiei Române. Péterfy is the winner of almost every relevant Hungarian literary prize including the most prestigious one – Aegon for his novel ‘Kitömött barbár’. Immanuel Mifsud won the EULP for his novella ‘Fl-Isem tal-Missier’ proving that smaller countries as Malta also actively participate in the shaping of European identity. Jacek Dukaj (‘Lód’), Jana Beňová (‘Café Hyena’) and Sara Stridsberg (‘Beckomberga’), representatives of the 3rd, contemporary generation of European writers (all born in ’70’s), are all winners of the EUPL for these novels.