Treći Тrg Publishing House: Greek Literature from Cyprus in Serbian

Treći Тrg Publishing House: Greek Literature from Cyprus in Serbian


Grnt Awarded: 54,904.43€

The publisher Treći Trg outlined and in cooperation with the Petrondas Research Centre for Modern Greek Studies at the University of Cyprus, launched a publishing project named Greek Literature from Cyprus in Serbian. The aim of the project is to translate ten books by contemporary Greek – Cypriot authors of different generations and belonging to different genres. However, they all explore similar themes in their works – each of them represents an authorial vision of the traumas and consequences suffered by the Cypriot people and culture and resulting from political conditions that marked the modern history of Cyprus. Within this context they explore various themes such as alienation, solitude, the concept of the Other, tradition, immigration and other issues relevant to the modern world.

This translating and publishing project, the significance of which lies primarily in the promotion of the literature in the Greek language in Serbia, is implemented as a part of the renowned Creative Europe programme (2014-2020), in the category of literary translation. Our project was selected in a very tough competition, and Treći Trg, with over 120 published books, more than 70 of which are translations from 20 different languages, was recognized as an adequate partner in this kind of a project.

Over the next two years postgraduate/ MA and PhD students from the Faculty of Philology, Belgrade, Department of Byzantine and Modern Greek Studies: Tamara Nosonjin, Aleksandra Milanović, Zorka Šljivančanin and Saša Đorđević, supervised by their professors, Pandelis Voutouris and Marinos Pourgouris, will be working on the translation of selected books into Serbian.

The translated works will be promoted in Serbia through literary festivals, book fairs and public presentations. Authors as well as translators will take an active part in these promotional activities. These books shall receive special attention at the upcoming Belgrade Poetry and Book Festivals “Trgni se! Poezija!”