EFFE Labels for 2017 Awarded

EFFE Labels for 2017 Awarded


The European Festival Association (EFA), project holder of “Europe for Festivals, Festivals for Europe”, published a list of winners of the EFFE Label for 2017/2018, and among them there are as many as 45 festivals from the Western Balkans region, including commercial and tourist, artistic, internationally already recognised, but also smaller manifestations.

As many as 30 festivals were chosen for the EFFE Label from Serbia, five from Bosnia and Herzegovina, seven from Montenegro and two from Albania, announced ArtLink, partner of the European Festival Association for the Western Balkans.

Festivals were chosen after detailed evaluation entrusted to national experts and a European jury. According to the explanation of the international jury of EFA, criteria were related primarily to devotion to humanity and inclusivity.

Being impressed with the devotion of the festivals from the region to the European festival movement, not only did the jury of EFFE, through the EFFE Label for 2017-2018, recognise the most exceptional festivals of Europe, but they also invited the winners to join the joint movement of festivals for peace, solidarity, art, artists and open talks, ArtLink emphasised.

The open call of EFFE was applied for by hundreds of festivals from Europe, and for the winners of this recognition EFA will organise a conference from 3rd to 6th May in Wiesbaden, where they will get an opportunity to network and create partnerships.

Bearers of the EFFE Label for 2017-2018 from Serbia are: ArtLink Festival of Young Talents, Belgrade Design Week, Guitar Art Festival, Cinema City in Novi Sad, Electe Subotica, European Film Festival Palić, Festival Belgrade Saxpirience, Days of the Organ – Dies Organorum, Green Fest, International Harp Festival, International Theatre Festival “Slavija”, Joy of Europe, Novi Sad Music Festivities (NOMUS), Nušićijada, Operosa, International Festival of Children’s Theatre Subotica, Summer3p Palić, International Jazz Festival in Kragujevac, Literary Festival “Krokodil”, Poetry Festival “Trgni se! Pozija!”, Theatrical Marathon Sombor, Zmaj Children’s Games, Nova Festival, Festival of Chamber Choirs Kragujevac, Gitarijada Zaječar, International Folklore Festival ORFEO, Festival “Biserna grana”, Festival “Baby Exit”, Belgrade Irish Festival and FESTar Dancing Days.