(Re)Discovering Europe

(Re)Discovering Europe


Project Leader: Hrvatsko Narodno Kazalište Iana Pl. Zajca Rijeka HR
Kosztolányi Dezső Theater RS
National Institution Albanian Theatre Skopje MK
Slovensko stalno gledalisce IT
Teatrul German de Stat Timisoara RO
Maximum Grant Awarded: 200.000,00 €

(Rе)discovering Europe is a project in the field of theatre, dealing with contemporary Europe and challenges it faces today. It is an attempt to speak about Europe from a minority perspective through theatrical language – how different minorities participate in the creation of the identity of contemporary Europe and whether we can offer new perspective of Europe through this subject. This is the reason to choose the last play of Luigi Pirandello “The Mountain Giants” as a metaphor of multiculturalism and motive of the cooperation on this subject. Project includes 5 partners, minority theatre ensembles from European cities with long tradition of multiculturalism, which in some of these environments has recently been reduced to a folkloristic decoration to the official, majority culture.

Parts of the project:
1. Co-production of the play “The Mountain Giants” by Luigi Pirandello
2. Educational programme “Incubators of theatre knowledge”
3. Artistic workshop “From Piranello to Brexit” by Paolo Magelli
4. Audience Development programme “Performative Kitchen – Cooking Diversity”
5. Scientific Research on participation of minorities in Culture in European Cities

After the casting of actors in all 5 theatres and intensive rehearsals, the ensemble will tour 5 cities with the play Mountain Giants. During this process, artistic, educational and audience development activities will be organized.

Objectives of the project:
-to enhance mobility, cooperation and intercultural dialogue in the field of performing arts-theatre
-to raise awareness of the importance of pluralism in contemporary Europe, contribute to elimination of cultural and language barriers, confirming the theatre space as a space of universal communication
-to raise capacities of cultural professionals
-to establish European minority theatre network to increase their visibility on European level
-to educate an audience that will be sensitized to diversity and to enlarge its participation in cultural life