Project Leader: Fondatsia Operosa BG
Herceg Fest ME
Opština Herceg Novi ME
Zadužbina Ilije M. Kolarca RS
Maximum Grant Awarded: 198.500,00 €

Young@Opera brings together over 50 talented and keen young artists from countries across Europe and beyond in over 30 performances of vibrant opera and street performances in 14 towns in Montenegro, Serbia and Bulgaria. 4 ambitious core partners together with 6 associated partners have created a dynamic two part cycle of opera events with 12 highly accomplished Artistic Directors and Mentors of 10 nationalities. The 26 month long project specifically aims to reach a wider and younger audience by presenting in Cycle 1 a baroque-classical opera in a modern and “cool” form and in Cycle 2 commissioning a brand new opera by a young composer with modern views but showcasing clear links connecting it to the opera of Cycle 1.

All will be created and performed by young artists to whom young audiences can relate. They are selected from an extensive list of young artists from all over the world. The Partners and Associated Partners will work together to propose and select the young artists for the project from their extensive data base list of names from all over the world; some known to them previously and some that are new through auditions.

Thanks to the novel and innovative nature of the project for the Balkan region there is great interest from media partners; the core partners have secured commitments from at least 3 TV stations for dissemination throughout the project period and this will be further supported and shared by all social media outlets as well as the partners and individuals involved.

The partners have also managed to secure support from local mobile telecommunication companies who will provide Livestreaming of the events. The promotion of the project will emphasize the experiences of the artists by sharing fresh insights to an art form which is regarded by many as heavy, difficult and old fashioned.