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String Quartet of the Belgrade Philharmonic Orchestra


Since its foundation in 2011, the members of the Quartet Jelena Dragnić, Vladan Lončar,
Boris Brezovac and Aleksandar Latković are representing their resident orchestra through regular concert activities. In the 2012/13 season, the Quartet presented the acclaimed performance of the Concert by Erwin Schulhoff, with the accompaniment of the Belgrade Philharmonic and the chief conductor Muhai Tang. In the season 2013/14, the Quartet is performing five programs of masterpieces of chamber music, as part of its cycle titled Quartet+1, at the Belgrade Philharmonic Hall. Beside the concert at the Cultural Center of Pančevo, which opened this year’s Classic Fest, in June 2014, the members of the Quartet will also be recording a compact disc with the works of Beethoven and Brahms.

The Novo Doba Festival


The alternative, auteur or non-aligned comic book festival Novo Doba (New Era) provides its guests and participants with an intense program filled with various events, exhibitions, workshops, concerts and presentations. It also gives the opportunity to engage in printed editions exchange between selected authors, publishers and productions from the international alternative arts circle, which gives them insight into vivid and lively local scenes.

New Era is fast becoming a year-long festival, with its activities within the newly-established supracultural epicenter Matrijarsija, where its coordination team operates from, and where they organize workshops of absolutely all imaginable skills, at all times, even odd times. Matrijarsija has been established in 2014 with the aim of becoming a place for artists from various fields of audio-visual arts to congregate and it already has at its disposal suitable capacities for housing and working.

These kinds of artist residences have already been practiced in 2014 at the initiatives of individual artists and collectives. Such programs allow various artists, theoreticians, curators and other creatives to immerse themselves in a space and context that may seem outside their regular surroundings and activities. It provides them ample time to reflect, explore, produce and present, as well as face them with presenting their practices to other/different communities, by meeting new people, using new materials, and experiencing life in a different location. The emphasis is on a multi-layered cultural exchange and the experience of other/different. New Era Festival is part of a network of similar festivals across Europe and it had participated, presented itself and left its mark in France, Italy, Sweden, Croatia, Romania, Germany, Slovenia, Hungary and Macedonia.

Visitors from the region and a wider European context mingle with the authors, authors mingle with the organizers, guests with hosts, cats with dogs. It is impossible to present all guests, comic book authors, musicians, experimentators, graphic artists, distributors, discographers, bookshop owners, comic book collectors, welders, pushers, shovers, dancers, theoreticians and essayists, activists and agitators, volunteers, directors, circus performers, media archeologists, silkscreen
printers, imrovisers, children from our house, children from other houses, projectionists, overseers, cameramen and photographers, professionals and amateurs, chefs and gourmets, actors and on-lookers, ecologists, street artists, mural painters, gusle players, DJs, VJs, CJs, MCs, cassette tapes collectors, tailors, writers and screenwriters, cyclists, cavemen, people from the future, the new era. The Newerists.

The results of the European platfoms 2017 open call


The results of the European platforms open call 2017 are published. Among the twelve supported, three organizations and institutions from Serbia participate in three platforms.

The Belgrade Architecture Association is again part of the Future Architecture platform with sixteen other European organizations. The project was also supported in the previous call for European platforms, and now it has received maximum support of € 500,000.

The Student Cultural Center in Novi Sad is participating in the Aerowaves platform that supports local dance scenes across Europe and the support of young authors from partner countries on the project. SCC Novi Sad joined the platform in 2016 and now continues to participate as a full member. The total amount of funds is € 500,000.

The organization which participate for the first time in the Creative Europe program is the New Cultural Settlement from Novi Sad, which is part of the European Magic Carpets platform from now on. The project deals with the support and presentation of new artists and professionals in culture through the implementation of strategies for the audience development and the promotion of international programs in culture. The CE grant for the projects is € 500,000.

A competition for European platforms is more demanding than other Creative Europe calls, and a small number of institutions and organizations receive financial support. Considering that it is not published annually, the success achieved by domestic organizations is very high.

European Cooperation Projects – Call 2018


The call for proposals for European Cooperation Projects 2018 is expected to be published in late September 2017, together with the Guidelines, on the website:, on condition that the Work Programme 2018 is adopted as scheduled in September 2017.  

The Guidelines will cover two calls for proposals:

The first will be dedicated to small- and large-scale European cooperation projects in the “standard” version used since the start of Creative Europe in 2014.

The second will be specifically designed for projects related to the 2018 European Year of Cultural Heritage.

The Guidelines will therefore deal with three categories – small scale cooperation projects, large scale cooperation projects and projects related to the 2018 European Year of Cultural Heritage.

The newly introduced third category of projects will specifically target two objectives of the 2018 European Year of Cultural Heritage (Council and EP Decision no 864/2017 Art 1.2):

  • sharing and appreciation of Europe’s cultural heritage as a shared resource, to raise awareness of common history and values,
  • to reinforce a sense of belonging to a common European space

In particular, the third category of cooperation projects should aim to:

  • Reinforce a sense of belonging to a common European space;
  • Promote cultural heritage as a source of inspiration for contemporary creation and
    innovation and strengthen the interaction between the cultural heritage sector and
    other cultural and creative sectors.

Cultural Heritage is a sign or a symbol created by, or given meaning by human activity, that is intentionally protected, conserved or revived, instead of being left to natural decay, oblivion, or destruction. The purpose is the transmission to future generations of its values (i.e. cultural, historical, aesthetic, archaeological, scientific, ethnological, anthropological value), which are considered relevant by a community or group of reference. 

Within the context of this action, cultural heritage should be understood as encompassing a broad spectrum of resources inherited from the past in all forms and aspects -tangible, intangible and digital (created digital and digitised), including monuments, sites, landscapes, skills, practices, knowledge and expressions of human creativity, as well as collections conserved and managed by public and private bodies such as museums, libraries and archives. Cultural heritage also includes film heritage.

Please note, however, that projects supporting physical interventions on monuments, sites or landscapes are not co-financed within the scope of the present Calls.

Projects are encouraged to implement highly visible activities in their first year to mark the 2018 European Year of Cultural Heritage. In assessing applications under this category, the Commission will favour projects that do not only focus on awareness raising/communication activities, but which will have an enduring effect and are designed to be sustainable beyond the life of the project.