Streamlined / Na traci

Streamlined / Na traci


Authorship & performance: Igor Koruga

Dramaturgical/choreographic assistance: Ana Dubljević

Production: Ksenija Đurović

Design: Jelena Šušnjar

Costume: Jovana Dimitrijević

Work explores role of public speaking within mediatized, neoliberal, capitalistic society through questioning the social statuses of pop- and contemporary art icons and new generation of contemporary dance and performance artists. As a hybrid choreographic performance of public speaking, dance and video, this work exposes different popular rhetorics within the artworld which reflects nowadays the conditions for art production, emerging artists continuously face with. By critical and analogical requestioning of such rhetoric’s statuses within wider context of popular culture, the aim of this work is to analyse a general popularised image of theartist within nowadays society and the space of his/her (non-)politicallity within it. On a formal plan, work also analyses choreography within sphere of immaterial form – language, producing the “language choreography” as an extended form of stage expression.

Co-production: Station Belgrade, Uferstudios GmbH / Berlin; Workspace Brussels & Rosas danst Rosas & PARTS / Brussels – within EU network Life Long Burning; Tala Dance centre & TASK program within PLATFORMA/ Zagreb; Bitef Theatre / Belgrade.

Financial support: Minsistry of culture and information Republic of Serbia; Tanzstipendium Senat / Berlin;

Thanks to: Nicolas Y Galeazzi, Charlotte Vandevyver, Barbara Friedrich, Nina Kurtela and Ana Vujanović