Zvono Gallery

Zvono Gallery


In 1993, at times of widespread economic and cultural crisis in Serbia, Zvono Gallery opened up its doors to young artists finishing their studies at the Fine Arts Academy and starting their careers. 

Goal of the gallery was to gather and nurture young talents, and help them make their first steps. 

The same students that have exhibited their work during the first years of Zvono Gallery are now acknowledged artists who have completed their post-graduate studies at various fine art academies throughout Europe, attained stipends and awards, and some have become professors at Serbian fine art academies. 

Today, Zvono stands for persistence, perseverance and dedication to art without compromise. 

It is still the only private gallery in Serbia mainly dedicated to young artists, but also a place that attracts renowned artists and institutions (it has provided space for eminent international exhibitions and workshops such as October Salon, Biennial of Young Artists, Real Presence, Long Night of Museums, etc).