Digital Tools in Culture: Funds, Projects, Audience

Digital Tools in Culture: Funds, Projects, Audience


27th-28thNovember, Jugoslovenska Kinoteka, 1 Uzun Mirkova St

Two-day seminar “Digital Tools in Culture: Funds, Projects, Audience” is dedicated to the topic of digitalisation and application of digital tools in culture. The programme of the first day of the event is designed to present different possibilities in obtaining financial support for projects of contemporary creativity in the fields of digital arts, digitalisation of cultural heritage and its interpretation and promotion, application of digital tools and innovation in working with audiences, development of the digital infrastructure and online distribution of content, inter-sector cooperation and strengthening capacities of cultural professionals during the digitalisation process.

The second day will encompass presenting examples of cultural initiatives and projects successfully applying digital tools. By pointing out the changes in interaction between cultural programmes and audiences, this part of the programme offers a comprehensive overview of the following questions: how does digitalisation influence creation, availability and use of cultural content; what effect does it have on creators of cultural programmes, what opportunities of further development of the cultural sector does it offer: new work positions and new forms of presentations.

Contribution to innovation and creativity in the cultural field through contemporary creativity, designing new business models, using digital technologies and promoting innovation through inter-sector cooperation are some of the most important priorities of the Creative Europe programme.

The seminar is a joint activity of the Creative Europe Desk Serbia and the Sector for the Development of Digital Research Infrastructure in the Fields of Culture and Arts of the Ministry of Culture and Information of the Republic of Serbia.

Creative Europe programme is the main programme of the European Union for support of the cultural sector and audio-visual activities. It helps cultural and creative organisations to act on the international level and promotes cross-border circulation of cultural works and mobility of cultural professionals. It offers financial support to projects with a European dimension which have the aim of disseminating cultural content within the European cultural space.

Sector for the Development of Digital Research Infrastructure in the Fields of Culture and Arts of the Ministry of Culture and Information of the Republic of Serbia offers support to cultural institutions and organisations in the digitalisation process and in using digital tools in cultural projects. The Sector is conducting coordination-organisational, developmental and technologically-operational activities which have the aim to create the national strategy and plans of digitalisation, define technologic, legal and organisational frameworks for successful construction of digital research infrastructure, and also the widest coordination of all participants in the process.

The event is open for all interested parties, and the programme of the event will soon be published on our website.