Results of the Competition for Literary Translations 2017

Results of the Competition for Literary Translations 2017


Results of the competition for literary translations have been published. Publishing houses from Serbia achieved great success through their proactive approaches and good ideas and repeatedly placed Serbia on the first place by the number of approved projects within the competition for literary translation.

The decision of the board on this year’s competition was directed towards supporting a smaller number of projects with larger amounts of funds, hence, the total of 33 projects of literary translation were supported.

Out of the submitted 22 projects, 5 projects of domestic publishing houses received support of the Creative Europe programme. Among the most successful are also Bulgaria with 20 submitted and 4 supported projects, but also Croatia and FYR Macedonia with 3 supported project each.

We wish to extend our congratulations to the Independent Agency for Publishing Odiseja for the project Old Continent, New People: Finding Your Own Place, Publishing Agency Štrik for the project Women’s Decameron: for a new Renaissance in European literature, Kontrast Publishing for the project Europe: Different Journeys, One Destination, Publishing House Arete for the project European Literature Today: Universal Stories of Personal Revolutions and the Company for Graphic and Publishing Works Heliks for the project Beyond horizons: cross-cultural mosaic of contemporary European fiction.

The total funds awarded to publishing houses from Serbia within this year’s competition for literary translations amount to €271,008.59. You can find more information about the results of the competition at the European Commission website.