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Local Culture and European Union – How to Cooperate


The National Library in Bor and the EUteka project are organising a discussion on the topic of the possibility for cities and municipalities in Serbia, primarily smaller cultural centres, to get involved in European cooperation within the programmes Creative Europe and Europe for Citizens.

Milan Đorđević, Project Manager of the Culture Desk Serbia and Sanja Atanasković, representative of the Office for Cooperation with Civil Society, will discuss the following questions: how programmes were designed and what cooperation opportunities are open for institutions and organisations in Serbia? What are the experiences of institutions and organisations from Serbia which participated in projects funded by this programme? How to participate, where to ask for help and where to get informed?

The discussion will especially cover activities organised during the European Yeat of Cultural Heritage which is marked during 2018 throughout Europe.

The discussion will also be joined by Milan Stefanović from the organisation Team Europe. The debate is organised for Thursday 25th January at 12 p.m. in the premises of the National Library in Bor, 19 Moše Pijade St.

“EUTEKA – EU in your Library” is a project which has the aim to offer specific support to libraries throughout Serbia so they could, in their environments, become places of information for citizens about the topics related to EU. EUteka network of libraries encompasses 48 libraries from Serbia. More information on the project can be found at:

Presenting the European Union Competition in the Field of Cultural Heritage and Creative Industries


Culture Desk Serbia and the EU Info Centre in Belgrade are organising a presentation of current opportunities to receive financial support in the field of cultural heritage and creative industries. The event is intended for cultural institutions and organisations intending to apply for competitions within different programmes of the European Commission: Creative Europe (sub-programme Culture) and Europe for Citizens.

Dimitrije Tadić, the Head of the Creative Europe Desk Serbia and Sanja Atanasković Opačić, the Head of the Group for International Cooperation and European Integration of the Office for Cooperation with Civil Society will speak about the propositions of the competition and participation possibilities for domestic cultural institutions and organisations.

The programme will present the following competitions:

Cultural and Creative Cities and Spaces, inter-sector call of the Creative Europe programme
European Memory, within the programme Europe for Citizens
Democratic Engagement and Civic Participation, within the Europe for Citizens programme

The presentation will take place on Tuesday, 23rd January at 12 p.m. in the EU Info Centre in Belgrade (7 Kralja Milana St).
Creative Europe is a programme of the European Commission for support to the cultural sector and audio-visual activities. With the budget of 1.46 billion Euros it supports initiatives of the cultural sector promoting European cooperation, literary translation and establishment of networks and platforms, and also initiatives of the audio-visual sector promoting development, distribution and accessibility of audio-visual works. The programme consists of two sub-programmes: Culture, for the promotion of the cultural sector, and MEDIA for the support to the audio-visual sector.

Europe for Citizens is a programme of the European Union and it has the aim of promoting European identity and European citizenship. It is designed in a way that promotes cooperation between participatory countries in various fields related to shared policies. The Office for Cooperation with Civil Society is the national point of contact for the implementation of the Europe for Citizens programme.

Public Consultations on the Future of the Creative Europe Programme


How should the future of the Creative Europe programme look like? How can we influence the shaping of the next programme in order to offer a better response to needs of the cultural and the audio-visual sectors?

As preparation for the next EU budget, European Commission initiated a series of public consultations on budgetary priorities after 2020. As the Creative Europe programme is funded from the budget of the EU, this is an opportunity to influence the future set up of the programme.

All citizens, cultural institutions and organisations are invited to take part in the consultations.

The questionnaire can be filled in any of the official 23 European Union languages.

You can find more information here.