Beyond horizons: cross-cultural mosaic of contemporary European fiction

Beyond horizons: cross-cultural mosaic of contemporary European fiction


Heliks Publishing House

Maximum grant awarded: 58.537,12 €

Our principal idea behind the project “Beyond horizons: cross-cultural mosaic of contemporary European fiction” was to enrich Serbian literary space with quality translations of contemporary literature from various European cultures. The project itself includes translation and promotion of ten fiction books written in nine languages (Icelandic, English, Czech, Bulgarian, Swedish, Romanian, Italian, Spanish and Norwegian). The first criterion in choosing the titles was their artistic merit, proven with literary awards their authors have been granted: five of them have won EUPL award, while the others received esteemed prizes, like Swedish August Prize. Such through selection calls for equally careful choice of translators.

Among the skilled, renowned translators we will team up with, some have already been engaged in our other literary EACEA projects. To achieve maximum visibility and attainability of the books, titles will be printed and issued as e-Books. Diverse models of distribution will be carried out through well-established online and traditional networks, with special focus on readership in the neighbouring countries. Greatly significant for our project is promotion segment, based on cooperation with popular web portals, traditional media, and educational and cultural institutions.

The peak of our promotion activities will be authors’ visits and Belgrade Book Fair, the most important regional manifestation of that kind. Each book, being the part of the mosaic this project represents, is defined by its specific style, tone and theme, but only when brought together do they give more comprehensive, layered and opulent picture of the present moment in European literature. An additional objective of the project naturally stems from this: maintaining continuity with previously realised EACEA projects, with giving prominence to the common thread, that of widening the network of transnational literary exchange and intercultural dialogue in Europe of today.