Europe: Different Journeys, One Destination

Europe: Different Journeys, One Destination


Kontrast Publishing

Maximum Grant Awarded: 59.870,80 €

Within the project Europe – Different Journeys, One Destination we will translate, publish, promote and disseminate 8 books from 7 different countries, written in 7 different languages and 3 different genres. All books will be printed, published as e-books, and poetry collection will also be available as audio-book. All selected books never been translated into Serbian before. The Central topic of the project is JOURNEY. Through centuries it is postulate for civilization to move forward. We never knew what could be the big spark of great changes: massive migrations or just single trip of individual.

Sometimes, the biggest journeys were taken not in space then within one’s soul. Those steps forward were changing face of Europe, making it stronger, reacher, more united and more human place to live. Sometimes Europe was departing point and sometimes it was end destination. That’s why we have carefully chose 8 awarded European authors who wrote books where Journey is also a focal point, central idea around which all other ideas are spinning. All selected authors are renewed writers, multi-awarded for their work. Four of them won EU Prize for Literature: Riku Korhonen and Katri Lipson are leading contemporary writers from Finland, Estonian writer Meelis Friedenthal is selected as a national writer of the year 2012 and Karen Gillece is one of the best fresh voices of contemporary Irish prose.

José Luís Peixoto is recognized as one of the most important writers in Portugal today. He has been translated into more then 20 languages. His work is acclaimed by the literary critics and famous writers such as Saramago, but in same time he is immensely popular among wide audience. Eugenio Montale, Nobel Prize winner, is institution among European poets of XX century, while translation of Peter Wisses’ monumental masterpiece “Die Ästhetik des Widerstands” should be one of the biggest literature events in Serbian publishing in recent years.