European Literature Today: Universal Stories оf Personal Revolutions

European Literature Today: Universal Stories оf Personal Revolutions


Arete Publishing House

Maximum Grant Awarded: 44.008,15 €

The main idea of the project European Literature Today: Universal Stories оf Personal Revolutions is to explore trough literature relationship between the individual and the history. Turbulent European history – its warfare and reconciliations, migrations and settlements, great people and great events – was always an inexhaustible inspiration for the writers of the Old Continent. Each chosen work, speaks about common people and their personal revolutions against the large social and political issues and events. Project includes works of six authors from six different countries of European Union. Two authors are winners of EUPL. List of selected titles includes one poetry book, two short story collections and three novels.

All authors won significant prizes for their work: renewed Latvian Oswalds Zebris and Tiit Aleksejev from Estonia are winners of EUPL with the novels “Gaiļu kalna ēnā” and “Palveränd”. One of main goals of this project is presenting to Serbian readership entirely unknown literature from small Baltic countries like Latvia and Estonia. Another writer from Baltic region is Polish poet Eugeniusz Tkaczyszyn-Dycki winner of Nike Literary Award and Gdynia Literary Award. His works have been adapted to theatre and played all across Poland. World famous English writer Hilary Mantel is the only woman who has been awarded the Booker Prize twice. Novel “A Place of Greater Safety” represents beginning the one of most exiting carriers in Europe’s contempоrary literarture. Mircea Cãrtãrescu is arguably biggest contemporary Romanian writer and with awarded book “Frumoasele străine” he just proved that. Judit Szaniszló is new literary star from Hungary. With short story collection “Beenged” she already earned the title of the most talented young writer in the country by literary critics: she won György Petri Award in 2015 and Pál Békés Award in 2017. All selected titles will be translated into Serbian language for the first time and published both as book and e-book.