Old Continent, New People: Finding Your Own Place

Old Continent, New People: Finding Your Own Place


Odiseja Publishing House

Maximum Grant Awarded: 48.638,27 €

Odiseja will translate 8 books from less represented languages, considering each genre’s transnational circulation: i.e. while their literature for adults is well represented in Serbia, there are none Bulgarian or Hungarian children’s books; European YA novels are underrepresented, as well as Maltese and Luxembourgian literature in general. Additionally binding books from the project is their focus on now essential theme of integration, whether they speak of fitting-in, or of establishing social position from female perspective, or of immigrants, or tell the stories of transformed people looking for a redefined place in community.

These works of fiction will be published with highest quality of translation, editing, design, print and disseminated through regular and online bookstores, book fairs and selling exhibitions across Serbo-Croatian language speaking countries, using innovative sale methods. Children’s books promotion will target 2 groups: children (readings & competitions in schools) and influential adults (parents, teachers, librarians) via traditional, online and direct marketing. YA will be reached via social networks and online media, and adult audience via all means available: promotions, book fairs, social networks, online and traditional media. EUPL winners will be additionally promoted during EUPL Festival, and 2 authors during their visits.

Cooperation with public and school libraries, cultural centers, NGO’s will increase project’s visibility. Seminar for children’s book reviews will provide necessary basic skills for initial forming of currently non-existent children’s books’ literary criticism, essential for promotion of children’s literature, development of new audiences and of culture in general. Project will hopefully initiate social debate of immigration and integration, it will raise profiles of translators, of ЕU writers and less known countries, of EUPL, and it’ll help developing new skills and improve position of vulnerable groups.