Women’s Decameron: for a new Renaissance in European literature

Women’s Decameron: for a new Renaissance in European literature


Štrik Publishing House

Maximum Grant Awarded: 59.954,25 €

The project Women’s Decameron: for a new Renaissance in European literature will promote the existing diversity of gender, genres and languages in European literature, Creative Europe programme and essential European values. We will promote literary diversity, transnational connections and circulation on several levels: cultural (ten high quality works by female authors from ten countries; authors visits), linguistic (ten languages, seven lesser used), genre (novels, short-stories, poetry, drama, young adult; four less represented), old and new literary voices in a diverse rendering of one unifying theme – women’s issues.

We want to support a new Renaissance in European literature, until now dominated by men, which would provide equal opportunities for diverse literary voices, themes, genres and languages. We want to show that the production of women’s high quality literature is larger than it used to be, and that women’s literature itself is very diverse genre-wise and equally relevant when written in lesser used languages, all of which enables it to contribute to audience development and create space for equal opportunity and advancement of society in general. We will ensure wide accessibility of the works through our distribution strategy, and enlargement and renewal of reading audiences by using both proven and innovative promotion methods and digital technologies.

Besides books, we will promote translators (we are the only publisher to put translators΄ names on the cover, we will put their biographies in books, on our website, in the project apps, and submit their translations for awards). In short, we will achieve: diversity, transnational mobility and circulation of literature; promotion of high quality women’s literature, EACEA Programme, EULP books, translators, lesser used languages and genres; presentation of old and new generation of renowned female authors; socially responsible behavior and the improvement of the state of gender equality in Serbia.