Info Days in Preševo and Leskovac

Info Days in Preševo and Leskovac


Info Days about the Creative Europe programme will be held on 8th February in Leskovac, at the Leskovac Cultural Centre starting at 2 p.m. and on 9th February in Preševo, at the Youth Office starting at 1 p.m.

With the aim of adequately informing the cultural public, Dimitrije Tadić, the Head of Creative Europe Desk Serbia will speak about the programme and the competition procedure, i.e. about the easiest way to secure financial support of this programme.

The presentation is intended for representatives of cultural institutions and organisation from cities and municipalities from Southern Serbia – managers and employees of museums, theatres, libraries, archives, cultural centres and other cultural institutions and civil society organisations.

One of important aims of the Creative Europe Desk Serbia is contributing to demetropolisation of Serbia, which is why activities of the Desk are taking place not only outside of Belgrade, but also outside of major city centres. At the same time, these activities of the Desk are directed towards strengthening capacities of domestic institutions and organisation in the field of international cooperation.