Info-day in Novi Pazar: How to Apply for the Creative Europe Programme?

Info-day in Novi Pazar: How to Apply for the Creative Europe Programme?


The Culture Desk Serbia will organise an info-day about the Creative Europe programme in cooperation with the Cultural Centre of Novi Pazar on Thursday 22nd February starting at 2:00 p.m. in the Cultural Centre of Novi Pazar.

With the aim of adequately informing the cultural public, the Head of the Desk, Dimitrije Tadić will speak about the sub-programme Culture and advise the interested parties on competition procedure, i.e. the easiest ways of securing financial support from this programme.

Moreover, the discussion will include the topics of what European cooperation can bring to cultural organisations and institutions from Serbia, the experiences of those who received support, and also the ways of finding a European partner.

Factors to consider in successful applying for the Creative Europe programme are a good project idea and being connected with relevant partners, while the process of applying and project management are far less demanding. Activities of the Creative Europe Desk Serbia are directed towards strengthening capacities of domestic institutions and organisations in terms of European cooperation.

Representatives of all cultural institutions and organisations from Novi Pazar and the surrounding localities were invited to participate in the presentation with the hope that there will be first project proposals from this part of Serbia in future competition calls.