New European Agenda for Culture

New European Agenda for Culture


European Commission adopted the New Agenda for Culture today proposing to:

1) harness the power of culture and cultural diversity for social cohesion and wellbeing, by promoting cultural participation, mobility of artists and protection of heritage;

2) support jobs and growth in the cultural and creative sectors, by promoting arts and culture in education, boosting relevant skills, and encouraging innovation in culture;

3) strengthen international cultural relations, by making the most of the potential of culture to foster sustainable development and peace.

Also, the Agenda includes actions within five dimensions:

Social dimension

New programme for mobility of artists within Creative Europe;

Activities related to social inclusion through culture, including activities intended for refugees and migrants;

A project for the development of cultural and creative spaces in cities across Europe;

Research about the impact of culture on health and well-being.

Economic dimension

Encouraging art education;

Master courses in creativity for interested universities;

Dialogue with the cultural and creative sectors, including music and audio-visual professions.

International dimension

Increased support to culture in the Western Balkans countries, Eastern partnership and African, Caribbean and Pacific countries;

Establishing European Houses of Culture in partner countries.

Cultural heritage dimension

Two new Action Plans: related to political heritage of the European Year of Cultural Heritage 2018 and combating illegal trafficking of cultural goods;

In future EU programmes, including cohesion policy, developing the quality principle in restoring and conserving cultural heritage.

Digital4Culture dimension

Establishing heritage digitalisation centres throughout the European Union;

New EU Film Weeks in order to make European films available in schools throughout Europe;

New pan-European network of Digital Creative Hubs;

Mentor programmes for professional in the audio-visual field, especially women.