Workshop “Cultural Heritage in the Function of Cultural Tourism Development”

Workshop “Cultural Heritage in the Function of Cultural Tourism Development”


Within the third day of the Creative Europe Forum 2018, on 22nd June in the space of Vuk’s Memorial Museum, 2 Kralja Milana St, starting at 10 a.m. a workshop entitled “Cultural Heritage in the Function of Cultural Tourism Development” will be held.

Cultural tourism is one of the fastest growing forms of tourism today with partaking with 40% in European tourism. Precisely cultural heritage frequently represents the axis of tourism development, while tourism can contribute to its preservation, revitalisation and promotion, and apart from the economic effect, it can improve the awareness and care for cultural resources.

The workshop is intended for representatives of cultural institutions and organisations and all parties interested in developing cultural tourism projects, and especially those preparing to apply for the Creative Europe programme.

The aim of the workshop is to encourage participants to think in the direction of interpreting and using cultural heritage to create new touristic content.

Workshop participants will be familiarised with the notion and meaning of cultural tourism, but also examples of projects in Serbia and Europe. The main part of the workshop will be dedicated to group work with the aim of designing and developing project activities and the manner of utilising cultural heritage for the purpose of tourism development, all on a specific example of a cultural resource in Serbia.

The workshop is led by Lana Gunjić, holder of a BA in Tourismology and an MA in Cultural Management.

In order to apply for participation in the workshop it is required to fill in the application that can be found on this link by Sunday 17th June at 17 p.m. The number of workshop participants is limited.

Lana Gunjić (Belgrade, 1991), holder of a BA in Tourismology and an MA in Cultural Policy and Management, graduated from the Faculty of Geography, University of Belgrade – Department of Tourismology (2014), and then completed interdisciplinary studies at the UNESCO Department of Cultural Policy and Management, a joint programme with the University Lyon 2, in France (2015). She is also the President of the Association “Mladi za turizam” (2015-) where she has been active since 2011 and worked on organising seminars, holding workshops and realising projects. She also works as an associate of the magazine “Turistički putokaz” (2011, 2012), as an intern at the Tourism Organisation of Belgrade (2013) and in the Cultural Centre of Serbia in Paris (2015). She was a coordinator of the Belgrade Irish Festival (2016). She is an associate in cultural and tourism projects, and she is currently engaged in the EU project “Supervision of works for rehabilitation of the Franciscan Monastery in Bač” as a junior tourism expert. She works as a coordinator in the Association Independent Cultural Scene of Serbia.