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We are Launching a YouTube channel: Partner Search Serbia


Dear colleagues,

We want to increase the visibility of our organisations and create new opportunities for participation in the Creative Europe programme.

This is why we are launching a new YouTube channel for presentation of organisations from Serbia wanting to find partners to participate in Creative Europe.

We invite you to create your three-minute video containing:
1. A short presentation of your organisation and its most important projects
2. Cooperation proposition (a specific project or field in which you would like to develop your work)
3. With whom you would like to establish partner cooperation (countries, types of organisations …).

If it is easier for you – we can record the video in the office of the Creative Europe Desk Serbia, you just have to prepare what you want say!

Please forward video materials to the email address

Your team of the Creative Europe Desk Serbia

List of Seminar in Tršić Participants Published


Representatives of twenty-four institutions and organisations will have an opportunity to participate in the seminar of project proposition preparation for the Creative Europe programme, organised in “Vuk Karadžić” Cultural Centre in Tršić, from 1st to 4th August.

Among them there are eleven public institutions:

Historical Archive in Pančevo; Musicology Institute SASA, Belgrade; National Library “Radislav Nikčević”, Jagodina; National Museum Toplice, Prokuplje; Youth Theatre, Novi Sad; Library “Dimitrije Tucović”, Lazarevac; National Museum Leskovac; the Faculty of Architecture, University of Belgrade; Ethnography Museum, Belgrade; Local Economic Development Office, Loznica; Cultural Centre Šabac,

And twelve civil society organisations:

Civil Association “ARTYSH:LAB”, Belgrade; Civil Association “Budi aktivan 16”, Preševo; Civil Association “Inkluzivna mreža”, Belgrade; Civil Association “Da se zna!”, Belgrade; Civil Association “Valjevska kulturna mreža (Vakum)”, Valjevo; Civil Association “InArt”, Belrgade; the Belgrade Salon Theatre, Belgrade; Alternative Art Space “Kvaka 22”, Belgrade; Civil Association “Muzikon”, Belgrade; Theatre reading “Vladimir Jevtović”, Belgrade; Civil Association “World Music Association of Serbia”, Belgrade and publishing house “Evoluta”, Belgrade.

The call for participation in the seminar received 48 applications. Due to limited temporal and accommodation capacities we cannot accept all applications, so we invite representatives of institutions and organisations which are not among this year’s participants to follow the future events of the Desk. In October this year the Antenna of the Creative Europe Desk Serbia will organise a seminar for project writing and it can be a new opportunity for all interested parties.

We want to express our gratitude to everyone for their interest and applications, and to seminar participants we wish successful work on project ideas and establishing long-term professional connections at the seminar in Tršić!

You can access the programme of the seminar here and the list of participants here.

Projects of European Cooperation Competition 2018 Results


Good news arrived with the publishing of the results of European cooperation projects competition in 2018 – as many as 13 organisations from Serbia participate in 14 supported projects!

Organisation Turbo strip from Belgrade is entering the Creative Europe programme for the first time, as the project leader! In the following years, together with organisations from Belgium, Portugal and France they will realise the project TURBULATOR – generator of turbulent art brut practices.

13 cooperation projects will include the following organisations and institutions as partners:

– Point of communication from Belgrade in the project Parallel Traces “A new lens for Jewish Heritage”

– Serbian National Theatre from Novi Sad in the project CrossOpera. Otherness: fear and discovery

– from Novi Sad in the project Vectors of Collective Imagination

– Etnofest from Subotica in the project 2020 Troubadours

– Dah teatar from Belgrade in two projects MAUERSPRINGER (Jumping walls) New forms of artistic expression and participation in European street theatre i Rights4kids – Theatre Performances to promote the Convention on the Rights of the Child

– Kulturanova from Novi Sad, also in two projects Port of Dreamers and Play! MOBILE

– Mikser and Nova Iskra from Belgrade in the project MADE IN-Crafts and Design Narratives

– PerArt from Novi Sad in the project Europe beyond Access

– United Artist Labour in the project Create to Connect -> Create to Impact

– Centre for the Promotion of Science from Belgrade in the project European ARTificial Intelligence Lab

– Student Cultural Centre from Novi Sad in the project Be SpectACTive!

SCC Novi Sad received support of the programme within a special EYCH2018 as well, so this year’s total success of Serbia in the competition of European cooperation projects amounts to 4 leader and 19 partner projects! Congratulations on the remarkable results to all institutions and organisations investing hard work that pays off!

Lists with other supported projects will be published on the website of the European Commission.

Public call for participating in the seminar “Creative Europe – project preparation”


The Culture Desk Creative Europe Serbia in cooperation with the Cultural centre “Vuk Karadzic ” Loznica, will organize the seminar “Creative Europe Programme – project preparation” from 1st until 4th August 2018 in Tršić. The call is intended for all institutions and organizations from Serbia planning to apply for the Creative Europe programme.

The topics that will be covered by the seminar are contemporary practices and concepts in the international cultural cooperation, cultural heritage and contemporary art; management of international projects; European cultural policy and priorities of the Creative Europe programme.

Apart from the representatives of the Desk Creative Europe Serbia, lecturers on the seminar are Ana Petković, Assistant Professor at the Faculty of Philosophy, University of Belgrade and Marina Matović, Professional Associate for the Administration of International Projects at the Center for the Promotion of Science.

Aim of the seminar

The aim of the seminar is raising the quality and preparing projects to apply for the creative Europe programme, raising the programmatic – organizational capacities of institutions and organizations from Serbia, but also contributing to decentralization in the field of culture. Apart from this, the seminar will be organized for the sake of enhancing communication, cooperation and exchange of experiences of cultural institution and organization representatives from cities and counties of Serbia.


The main criteria for the selection of participants are the quality of project proposals and potential partnerships.The quality of project propositions is measured against: compliance with topics and priorities of the Creative Europe programme, innovative nature of the concept and its professional basis.

Conditions of the public call

1. The number of vacancies is limited;
2. Up to two persons from a single institution or an organization can apply to participate in the seminar;
3. The Culture Desk Creative Europe Serbia and the Cultural centre “Vuk Karadzic ” Loznica will cover food and lodging expenses, however participants of the seminar will cover their travel expenses.

Submitting an application

You can find here the application form.

The application for the seminar should contain the following information (up to three pages:
– A short description of the project the institution or the organization wants to apply with for the Creative Europe programme or if they believe the project proposition has a potential to be used for applying;
– A list of potential partners on the project;
– A short description of the institution/organization (mission, aims, main activities);
– An indication of the position of the person or persons applying to participate in the seminar.

The application should be sent to the email address of the Culture Desk Serbia –

Deadline for applications

Applications can be submitted until 20th July 2018. Applications received after the defined deadline will not be taken into consideration.


Mobility scheme for artists and/or culture professionals


The main objective of the tender will be to prepare the ground for a mobility scheme in creative and cultural sectors, from 2021 onwards in the next generation of EU programmes. The specific objectives are:

1. to explore and analyse the conditions for setting up a successful and sustainable scheme allowing individuals to engage in a cross border mobility project,

2. propose and test a funding scheme for individual mobility of artists and /or culture professionals,

3. provide conclusions and recommendations.

Deadline for receipt of offers: 31/08/2018 12:00 CET, through eSubmission.

Please find more info here.