Projects of European Cooperation Competition 2018 Results

Projects of European Cooperation Competition 2018 Results


Good news arrived with the publishing of the results of European cooperation projects competition in 2018 – as many as 13 organisations from Serbia participate in 14 supported projects!

Organisation Turbo strip from Belgrade is entering the Creative Europe programme for the first time, as the project leader! In the following years, together with organisations from Belgium, Portugal and France they will realise the project TURBULATOR – generator of turbulent art brut practices.

13 cooperation projects will include the following organisations and institutions as partners:

– Point of communication from Belgrade in the project Parallel Traces “A new lens for Jewish Heritage”

– Serbian National Theatre from Novi Sad in the project CrossOpera. Otherness: fear and discovery

– from Novi Sad in the project Vectors of Collective Imagination

– Etnofest from Subotica in the project 2020 Troubadours

– Dah teatar from Belgrade in two projects MAUERSPRINGER (Jumping walls) New forms of artistic expression and participation in European street theatre i Rights4kids – Theatre Performances to promote the Convention on the Rights of the Child

– Kulturanova from Novi Sad, also in two projects Port of Dreamers and Play! MOBILE

– Mikser and Nova Iskra from Belgrade in the project MADE IN-Crafts and Design Narratives

– PerArt from Novi Sad in the project Europe beyond Access

– United Artist Labour in the project Create to Connect -> Create to Impact

– Centre for the Promotion of Science from Belgrade in the project European ARTificial Intelligence Lab

– Student Cultural Centre from Novi Sad in the project Be SpectACTive!

SCC Novi Sad received support of the programme within a special EYCH2018 as well, so this year’s total success of Serbia in the competition of European cooperation projects amounts to 4 leader and 19 partner projects! Congratulations on the remarkable results to all institutions and organisations investing hard work that pays off!

Lists with other supported projects will be published on the website of the European Commission.