List of Seminar in Tršić Participants Published

List of Seminar in Tršić Participants Published


Representatives of twenty-four institutions and organisations will have an opportunity to participate in the seminar of project proposition preparation for the Creative Europe programme, organised in “Vuk Karadžić” Cultural Centre in Tršić, from 1st to 4th August.

Among them there are eleven public institutions:

Historical Archive in Pančevo; Musicology Institute SASA, Belgrade; National Library “Radislav Nikčević”, Jagodina; National Museum Toplice, Prokuplje; Youth Theatre, Novi Sad; Library “Dimitrije Tucović”, Lazarevac; National Museum Leskovac; the Faculty of Architecture, University of Belgrade; Ethnography Museum, Belgrade; Local Economic Development Office, Loznica; Cultural Centre Šabac,

And twelve civil society organisations:

Civil Association “ARTYSH:LAB”, Belgrade; Civil Association “Budi aktivan 16”, Preševo; Civil Association “Inkluzivna mreža”, Belgrade; Civil Association “Da se zna!”, Belgrade; Civil Association “Valjevska kulturna mreža (Vakum)”, Valjevo; Civil Association “InArt”, Belrgade; the Belgrade Salon Theatre, Belgrade; Alternative Art Space “Kvaka 22”, Belgrade; Civil Association “Muzikon”, Belgrade; Theatre reading “Vladimir Jevtović”, Belgrade; Civil Association “World Music Association of Serbia”, Belgrade and publishing house “Evoluta”, Belgrade.

The call for participation in the seminar received 48 applications. Due to limited temporal and accommodation capacities we cannot accept all applications, so we invite representatives of institutions and organisations which are not among this year’s participants to follow the future events of the Desk. In October this year the Antenna of the Creative Europe Desk Serbia will organise a seminar for project writing and it can be a new opportunity for all interested parties.

We want to express our gratitude to everyone for their interest and applications, and to seminar participants we wish successful work on project ideas and establishing long-term professional connections at the seminar in Tršić!

You can access the programme of the seminar here and the list of participants here.