2020 Troubadours

2020 Troubadours


Project Leader: Via Lactea, Belgium

Etnofest Association, Serbia

Flonflons, France

International Visual Art Foundation, Hungary

Maximum Grant Awarded: 190.704,00 €

2020 Troubadours is an innovating and multidisciplinary project which uses positive possibilities of world music to improve the transnational mobility and entrepreneurship of young artists in Europe on one hand, and which wants to stimulate intercultural dialogue and audience development on the other.

It is a very concrete project carried out by four official partners and two associated partners from Belgium, France, Serbia, Hungary, Spain, Poland and Ukraine. This interesting composition of partners belonging to the ‘old Europe’ and new, candidate member states is really crucial: 2020 Troubadours wants to point out and highlight the possibilities of culture when it comes to social inclusion and mutual understanding everywhere in Europe; a topic which has been verypresent these days.

By organizing a series of Trouba Train Trips through some specific European border regions, the project wants to inspire and stimulate twenty Troubadours to work and create together during some Trouba Lab residencies and master classes. The objective is to innovate their own repertoire of popular world music and create a new contemporary repertoire of twenty pieces which will be recorded on an album and presented in a new multidisciplinary performance Trouba Rumba in different European countries outside the partners’ own regions. In the meantime, a team of photographers and filmmakers will also follow the whole creative process and deliver their precise artistic view on traveling through European border regions.

Presenting these different outcomes and deliverables to a wide range of professionals in the European world music industry will also be a very important element. This way, we can establish a new business model which will last beyond the duration of the project, and which stimulates cultural entrepreneurship by combining culture and education with the focus on participative activities with a low threshold. Artists learn from the audience and vice versa.