CrossOpera. Otherness: fear and discovery

CrossOpera. Otherness: fear and discovery


Project Leader: Fondazione Teatro Comunale di Modena, Italia

Theater und Orshester Gmbh, Austria

Serbian National Theatre, Serbia

Maximum Grant Awarded: 200.000,00 €

CrossOpera joints 3 opera theatres from 3 different countries: Teatro Comunale di Modena (Italy), Landestheater Linz(Austria) and Serbian National Theater in Novi Sad (Serbia). The main objective of the intervention is to co-produce anew opera, whose 3 acts will develop short stories commissioned to 3 different composers and librettists representing each country. All 3 composers will work on the same given subject: “Otherness: fear and discovery”, sensitive to thepolitical and social issue of the migrants and the refugees. CrossOpera is particularly interested in composers with a classical background able to work on musical traditions with popular and ethnographic depth. The project is also particularly interested in non-European artists living within the European boundaries and reflecting upon their own ethnic tradition.

CrossOpera will start with the commission of the 3 acts opera to the composers and librettists. A travelling artistic team made of singers and musicians will follow a week of music rehearsals of each act in every theatre (‘Austrian’ act in Linz,‘Serbian’ act in Novi Sad, ‘Italian’ act in Modena) with the guide and supervision of the local composer. The staging of the opera will start in Modena, where a last round of music rehearsal and the stage rehearsals of the whole opera will be followed by the première of the show. Following Modena, the opera production with the whole team will travel to Linz and Novi Sad. Through the joint production of the opera, the project enhances the capacity and encourages the international growth of the administrative, artistic and production departments in Italy, Austria and Serbia, working in a transnational perspective.

Transnational mobility of the music ensemble as well as the singers, the conductor, the director and the people involved in the rehearsals of the opera will be functional to the production and creation of a multilingual and multicultural final work.